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Aging Gracefully

Only a few are lucky in the lottery of gene inheritance.  While the genes contribute a lot to young-looking and beautiful skin, it’s also crucial how we treat our skin and body through our lifetime.  During our youth, our skin exudes a certain kind of radiance and vitality — the scientists I’ve worked with in a skincare company said that radiance is actually a visual effect of a well-functioning skin.  As we age, our skin loses the ability to retain moisture so it becomes drier, more flaky, and reveals the results of exposure to the environment which was accumulated over the years.

It helps to get our skincare regimen address the changes as we age to keep our skin looking at its best.  Understanding the physiologic changes that occur each decade can help in taking care of the skin better.  I believe attaining healthy skin is never too late; here are suggested regimens to prevent premature aging in the years to come:

In the 30s, most women start to see the first signs of aging.  These signs are accelerated in those who have spent extensive time under the sun during their younger years — skin easily becomes dry and uneven-toned; and fine expression lines begin to appear.

  1. Sunscreen is a daily necessity.  It helps prevent continued sun-induced cell breakdown and uneven skin.  It’s essential that your product contains both broad spectrum UVB (ultraviolet B light) and UVA (skin-aging and cancer-inducing) ingredients.
  2. Use moisturizers that utilize the best anti-aging technology to help rehydrate the skin as well as heal damaged skin.
  3. Take antioxidants because it’s the best way to fight skin damage that is caused by environmental stressors such as cigarette smoke, pollution, etc.  The best topical antioxidants are idebenone, amino-peptides, coffeeberry, green tea extract, Q10, vitamins C and E.

In the 40s, changes a decade ago become more pronounced.  During this decade, skin changes are primarily due to pre-menopausal effects occuring in the body.  The skin’s collagen starts to breakdown and the elastic tissue starts to lose some elasticity; skin appears duller; skin starts to lose tightness; fine expression lines appear around the eyes and mouth; and signs of photo-aging (sunspots, blotchiness, uneveness, lines) increase.

  1. Daily sun protection is a must.
  2. Don’t use bar soaps because they tend to dry the skin so they are not recommended for use on aging skin.  Instead, use soap-free cleansers as they effectively cleanse without stripping off the moisture.
  3. Moisturizers particularly taking  advantage of ingredients like hyaluronic acid are best.
  4. Antioxidants are more important at this point, not just for their preventive benefits, but because they can correct cell damage, leading to improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  5. Use eye creams that contain hydrating ingredients and retinol.
  6. Exfoliate with cleansers or lotions to increase cell turnover and bring out more radiant skin.

In the 50s, estrogen levels drop due to post-menopause so the skin’s natural oil production decreases.  The skin also gets more fragile, therefore it’s injured easily and is slow to heal.  There is also increased loss of elasticity, especially around the eyes.  Expression lines and wrinkles are deeper and eyelids begin to wrinkle.  The skin around the neck may also start to droop… and yes, at this stage the skin is more sensitive to aggressive anti-aging products.

  1. Still use sunscreens in a moisturizing base.
  2. It’s best to apply thick moisturizers as they are best suited for aging skin.
  3. Night creams are a must, especially the ones containing soothing, moisturizing ingredients.
  4. An eye cream containing corrective ingredients in a rich emollient formulation is good.

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